Transaction Planning

Whether starting a new business, acquisition or sale of an entire business, purchase or sale of business assets, merger, consolidation, or division of one business entity into two or more ventures, all business transactions require careful planning to ensure the operational, financial, and tax objectives are met. We assist our clients by guiding them through the intricate considerations and negotiations to meet their objectives.

New business owners should carefully consider the type of entity under which they will operate. There are more choices than one normally imagines. In addition, the number of considerations that impact the choice of entity is extensive. This is not a decision that business owners should undertake without expert advice in order to make the optimal selection.

Other business transaction planning engagements include tax-free exchange of assets, the purchase of a business, sale of a business, merger, consolidation, acquisition of assets of another business, division of a single business enterprise into two or more businesses, redemption of an owner's business interest, and complete liquidation of the enterprise. Each of these has complex legal and tax implications and should be undertaken only with the help of expert counsel. Improperly structured, the tax costs of any of these transactions may be prohibitive.

We are familiar with each of these types of transactions and have successfully guided our clients through them. We work with legal counsel to ensure that the documents reflect the deal the business owners anticipate and that it is structured to minimize, or completely defer federal income and transfer taxes.

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