The Collaborative Law Process

Disputants wishing to use the collaborative law process should seek a collaborative attorney through their local phone book or through websites such as the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals or the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas Collaborative attorneys typically are members of practice groups that include other collaborative law attorneys, financial professionals, communications specialists, and mental health professionals. The parties and their collaborative attorneys determine which of the allied professionals in the practice group may be required to facilitate resolution of the dispute.

Typically, the attorneys direct the process. The parties and their collaborative professionals generally meet together at the beginning of the process and outline a plan for gathering information and developing a resolution agreement. The parties may meet together or separately with the attorneys and allied professionals. If the issues cannot be resolved collaboratively, the collaborative case is closed and the parties may seek resolution through other means, including litigation. In that circumstance, none of the professions that participated in the collaborative process may represent the parties in court.

©2008 Ronnie C. McClure, PhD, CPA