Representation Before the Internal Revenue Service

Whether through an application for recognition of tax-except status, a routine audit of an organization's tax returns, a disagreement concerning the existence or amount of unrelated business income, or an adverse determination of any item by the Internal Revenue Service nonprofit organizations must be represented by tax professionals familiar with the rules and procedures of tax practice as well as specialized knowledge of tax law as it applies to nonprofit organizations. Ronnie is well qualified to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service. Armed with a power of attorney to speak with the tax authorities and receive correspondents from them we have the ability to ethically handle inquiries with a minimum of distress and disruption to the organization and its management.

Once we know the issues the authorities are raising we can apply the law to the facts at hand and serve as an advocate for our clients to obtain and maintain tax-except status and minimize any tax liability, penalty, or interest. We make recommendations to our clients as to alternative courses of action so that they may direct us as to the outcome they want to achieve within the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Code.

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