Charitable Gift Planning

Charitable gift planning is one component of an overall family and estate tax plan. Individuals who desired to make gifts to their favorite charities often find that they can best meet their own noncharitable objectives through various charitable gift techniques. Frequently, donors find that they can make much larger gifts than they ever imagined by strategically planning their giving.

We believe that every gift should be planned. Whether a $25 check for operating expenses the social welfare organization, or a six-figure gift in trust to a school, donors should know what benefits may be available to them in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the cost of their philanthropy.

While annual gifts of cash are the most common type of charitable gifts, there are over twenty-five different gift arrangements donors may use. The choice of gift vehicle depends primarily on the type of property the donor has to give and the donor's non-charitable, non-tax objectives.

Ronnie has worked with donors and their charitable donees for over 30 years in selecting the most appropriate charitable vehicle for their property and ensuring that the gift vehicle selected fits the clients' overall family and estate tax plan.

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