Obtaining Exemption

Nonprofit organizations are required to be organized and to operate in strict fulfillment of their non-profit objectives. Therefore, meeting requirements of the law as well as the needs of the organization are critical roles for the nonprofit consultant. Indeed, developing an effective organizational structure, governance of the organization, relationships with related charitable and noncharitable organizations, and relationships with officers and directors are among the most critical factors in establishing a new nonprofit organization.

The Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Form 1023) revised in June 2006, requires extensive thought and disclosure concerning the operation, governance, and relationships of the organization. Completing this package is a time consuming effort and requires professional assistance more now than any time in the past. We are very experienced in completing numerous applications utilizing this more onerous application form with an excellent track record for approvals and turn around time from the Internal Revenue Service.

We are familiar with these critical elements of organizational structure. Ronnie, for example, has extensive experience in the organization and reorganization of tax-exempt organizations ranging in size from a local social welfare organization to major regional Healthcare systems throughout the nation. He helped structure a prominent nonprofit professional sports Arena complex and has worked with the National Office of the Internal Revenue Service in getting favorable rulings on new and unique structures. We are uniquely qualified to help you and your organization.

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