Facilitating Financial Settlements in Divorce


As couples and their legal counsel negotiate the financial aspects of a pending divorce, the value of working with a professional financial counselor cannot be overstated. Especially if that counselor possesses the training, credentials and experience to address the emotional issues of divorce, in addition to financial and tax issues.

Dr. Ronnie McClure, PhD, CPA is just such a counselor. For the past 32 years, he has provided relationship-based counsel in family financial and tax planning matters, including divorce, by facilitating financial outcomes and settlements based on the facts and presented in a gentle and professional manner.

Ronnie’s comprehensive knowledge of accounting, finance and tax issues, business as well as personal opportunities, financial planning and client-centered approach combine to foster cooperating and agreement among the disputing parties. In addition, his forward-looking perspective on divorce cases helps prepare clients for the financial realities of life after divorce.

For reliable, capable and compassionate financial guidance in negotiating even the most complex divorce cases, you can rely on Ronnie. His services include:

Initial Assessments

  • Financial goal-setting and needs assessment
  • Review of tax returns and financial information
  • Current standard of living assessment and pre-divorce cash flow
  • Identification of cash flow requirements during the divorce process
  • Review of benefits packages


  • Facilitation of client-driven financial settlement options
  • Assistance in structuring alimony, spousal support, and child support
  • Explanation and review of settlement proposals and tax implications
  • Equitable allocation of tax attributes
  • Post-divorce budgets and cash flow projections
  • Creative use of federal tax law to maximize post-divorce after-tax cash flow
  • Life insurance recommendations relative to support payments
  • Explanation of impact on IRA, section 401(k), and pension plans
  • Educational funding plans and reviews
  • Recommendations for independent appraisals, business valuation, mortgage counseling and detailed asset tracing


  • Review draft divorce decrees to ensure financial agreements are properly documented

Trial (if necessary)

  • Clear presentation of complex financial matters for use in court
  • Expert testimony on issues concerning lifestyle, assets and liabilities, cash flow needs, and implication of settlements


  • Tax return preparation
  • Budgeting and money management recommendations
  • Financial plan implementation
  • Monitoring results

To schedule a free initial consultation, please call Ronnie at 214-957-3366 or email