Mission Statement

To provide personal financial, tax, estate and business planning to high net worth individuals, growing and emerging businesses and their owners, nonprofit organizations, and other professionals not limited geographically, and maximizing the use of cutting edge technology.

Vision Statement

To honor God by providing the highest quality professional services through personal relationships that are mutually beneficial and personally rewarding to clients, employees, independent contractors, and owners.


Because of my calling, there are certain responsibilities I must maintain. My freedoms are limited. People's expectations are high. Because of my role as a teacher, helper, and advisor, my calling requires me to be a learner. I can't coast. I can't fake it. I can't drop pearls of wisdom from a small window in an ivory tower. The people I serve deserve messages wrung from the crucible of my daily experience and walk with God. The people who look to me for direction need to know that my advice is more than theory or regurgitation of textbooks. If I'm going to prepare them for daily battle, I have to smell the gunpowder and know my way around the trenches.

Taken from Tim Kimmel's excellent book, "Little House on the Freeway."